Travelling Adventures: Aberystwyth

Travelling Adventures: Aberystwyth

Travelling is one of the things I like to do the most. Visiting new places always gives me the thrills. We had just come back from a month and a half stay in Bulgaria, but when my brother offered to drive us to Wales I didn’t have to think twice – I shouted YES in excitement. Woo! I love adventures!

We were lucky enough to have the weather on our side. The day was sunny and relatively warm. The roads through Wales were living paintings – so picturesque, it’s difficult to describe in words.


We walked along the coastline, enjoying the calmness of the town, the sound of the ocean waves and their rich salty scent, marveling at the beautiful views in front of us. Aberystwyth is a small coastal town in West Wales. Its castle ruins offered a lot of entertainment for Emilia as she ran around the stone walls and across the wooden bridges. Long live rain clothes! My dear friend Marika gifted Emilia with a pair of waterproof pants and a waterproof wind coat in a lovely purple colour. They absolutely saved Emilia’s clothing from getting all wet, especially when she decided to start jumping in every single puddle she saw along the way.

We went down to the beach and collected some beautiful pebbles and clam shells. Emilia loves hands-on play in Nature, and therefore enjoyed the treasure hunting activity tremendously. It’s amazing how much they (babies and toddlers, that is) learn by touching, holding, observing.

Now sit back, relax, grab a drink and enjoy the set of images I captured:



Babywearing Saves the Day

Our day ended with a gorgeous sunset over the ocean, which, unfortunately, I don’t have captured on camera. I took some photos with my phone, though, and you can see them here and here. Also – Long live babywearing! Without our lovely Soul full buckle carrier, we wouldn’t have been able to climb up the hill and have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the big orange sun sinking down behind the ocean’s horizon. Emilia was tired and a bit grumpy after running around all day, and she wouldn’t have been able to climb up on foot. (And I am so glad I remembered to bring spare shoes. Wet boots and a carrier make a terrible combination.) But honestly, babywearing makes traveling with a toddler feel like a breeze. I don’t know what I would do without my precious carriers.

If you’ve made it through my endless series of images, congratulations and thank you! <3 See you in the next one!


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